E 3000 is the new top FM broadcast amplifier designed by Elenos. It ?s the smallest and lightest 3Kw amplifier in the world, and changes the conception of all 3kw Mosfet transmitters.

The Philips Mosfet BLF278 on its 12 RF modules are used at 250W power output in low-stress conditions. Each module is running at 90% rated power offering a better MTBF.

To reduce the harmonic current emission to the main, the 3 AC/DC switching power supply units are equipped with PFC (Power Factor Corrector.
The current sharing between PSU ?s is performed by a robust digital control that works at any RF output power level. The good matching between the PSU ?s ensures a greater reliability and allows higher output power to be reached. The PSU ?s are also overheating temperature and short circuit protected. MOV devices also protect the equipment from any low energy fast transients in the mains. E 3000 can operate with one power supply a reduced power level.
Available single-phase or three-phase.