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New FMX90 Skyhawk

FM Modulation and AF spectrum analyser

FMX90 Skyhawk series FM modulation analysers have been designed for precision monitoring of FM Radio Broadcasts. Connected to a standard Windows PC USB port, the user friendly interface displays comprehensive modulation data, for live ‘off-air’ analysis. The FMX90 range now features triple IF bandwidths and a front panel digital encoder to allow for ease of operation.

With an advanced ultra linear demodulator, containing dual feedback loops, maintain accuracy over time and temperature, by comparing deviation amplitude and phase to a 20ppm voltage reference band-gap diode. This effectively provides a calibration free instrument. The demodulator itself is virtually distortion-less, leaving only the IF filter response to determine the demodulation.

The Windows iLogV6 application provides full GPS support, with the latest Mark 4 high performance SiRFstarIV GPS magnetic receiver modules.

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Caractéristiques principales

+ Dual bandwidth

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