Make it happen with this sleek new control surface scaled just right for producing news and voiceovers. Like its bigger LX-24 cousin, the L-8 has all the latest goodies plus is hot swappable down to the individual fader.

This cousin to the popular LX-24 is big in capability but scaled for news production, voiceover work and all those applications requiring a solid control surface that will deliver under deadline. The L-8 is based on
 all the same design principles as the LX-24 – a precision-built, low-profile, tabletop IP control surface that offers assignable sources to any fader and with hot-swappable individual fader modules.

Each fader provides access to four stereo busses, a stereo cue bus, and its own individual Bus-Minus. An LED source name display, an A/B source selector, and one programmable soft button are also available, and a SET button provides access to assignable controls in the master section. Snapshots of the L-8’s configuration can be saved and recalled at the touch of a button, making setup for different working sessions a snap.

The L-8 meter bridge features three sets of bright, ultra-high resolution LED meters. A digital clock/timer is also included. The L-8 has control room and headphone outputs with level control and source selection, as well as an independent studio monitor output.

The L-8 is designed for use with Wheatstone’s WheatNet-IP Intelligent Network. An IP88CBL Console Audio BLADE provides the audio mix functionality ; additional BLADEs can be added for inputs and outputs in a variety of digital and analog formats. This new IP console is sleek, versatile, and low profile. No tabletop cutouts needed. Just plug the L-8 into your WheatNet-IP Intelligent Network, and quickly assign any source of any type to any fader anywhere in your network.

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Caractéristiques principales

◾Low-profile, tabletop form factor allows clear sight lines and requires no furniture cutouts
◾Hot-swappable fader modules
◾Four stereo busses
◾Any source to any fader
◾A/B dual input switching
◾Bus-Minus (N-1) on each input channel
◾Built-in class D headphone amplifier and level control
◾Event preset recall
◾Includes IP88CBL Console BLADE