Copie des sons par catégorie de base de données dans un ou plusieurs répertoires en fond de tache avec marquage ID3 Tag et nom de fichier correspondant aux champs de la base pour extraction automatique des sons pour sauvegarde automatique.

Conversion du format audio à la volée si nécessaire.

Every time scheduled interval, the audio is copy for each category in a folder. So it will be easy to find the audio item in its folder.

With the extraction the audio files will be clearly named by putting as filename the name – title.

This informations are taken from database.

SAFECOPY is used as security backup for jingle and trailer, to be used in direct drop from folder in cart when database is not accessible.

Copy process can be done on a scheduling. This reduce the network traffic for category where the rotation is not important (like jingle).

If the target format is an MP3, the ID Tag3 in the file format are generated.

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