The LX-24 is an all-new compact, table-top, modular control surface designed from the ground up to operate with WheatNet-IP. Its new look and impressive array of features, including a built-in high resolution meter bridge, make this control surface a great fit in any control room.

Low-profile design and a table-top form factor allow the LX-24 to fit into almost any studio situation, requiring no holes or cut-outs in the furniture. The meter bridge features three sets of bright, ultra-high resolution LED meters, as well as LED talkbacks for auxiliary levels and pan control. A digital clock/timer is also included.

Each fader provides access to four stereo busses, plus four pre-fader aux sends, a stereo CUE bus, and four mix-minuses. An LED source name display, an A/B source selector, and two programmable soft buttons are also available, and a SET button provides access to assignable controls in the master section.

Control room and headphone outputs with level control and source selection are provided, as well as two independent studio monitor outputs. Stereo CUE speakers are built into the meter bridge.

On-board VGA and USB connectors allow a monitor and mouse to be connected to the console for configuration ; they are not required during normal operations. Snapshots of the LX-24’s configuration can be saved and recalled at the touch of a button, making setup for different shows or dayparts a snap.

The LX-24 is designed for use with Wheatstone’s WheatNet-IP Intelligent Network. An IP-88e Mix Engine BLADE provides the audio mix functionality ; additional BLADEs can be added for inputs and outputs in a variety of digital and analog formats. This I/O can be shared with other consoles and devices throughout the Intelligent Network.

Caractéristiques principales

■Low-profile, table-top form factor allows clear sight lines and requires no furniture cutouts
■Four sets of high-resolution LED meters (one switched)
■Four stereo busses
■Four pre-fader aux sends with master level controls
■LED talkbacks for aux send levels and PAN setting
■Stereo CUE bus with built-in stereo CUE speakers and class D amplifier
■Built-in class D headphone amplifier and level control
■Four mix-minuses
■Two independent studio monitor outputs
■Digital clock/timer
■VGA and USB connectors for configuration and setup
■Two programmable buttons per fader
■12 programmable buttons in the master section
■Event storage and recall allow reconfiguring the console instantly

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