Broadcasters have long dreamed of complete flexibility and ultimate mobility for remote broadcasts without having to lug around unwieldy racks of gear or clumsy setups too difficult to configure in the field.
ACCESS Portable Classic delivers in a sleek, compact, handheld unit capable of sending mono, stereo or dual mono audio over POTS, DSL, Cable, Wi-Fi, 3G cellular (EVDO/UMTS), satellite - plus some services you may not have even heard of.

ACCESS Portable Classic was designed for fast and easy connections in the field via a wide variety of data connections regardless of whether in the hands of "non-technical" personnel or seasoned remote "road warriors." Complete with a 7-hour Lithium-Ion battery with built-in charger and combined with an integrated CardBus slot for wireless IP cards and modems, ACCESS Portable Classic will allow you connect from virtually anywhere ! Your remotes will never be the same.

ACCESS will work on a wide variety of wired and wireless data circuits, including :

*Wired Ethernet Networks - Cable, DSL, T1, T3, etc.
*Wireless Networks - 802.11b,g,n WiFi
*3G / 4G Cellular Data Networks - EVDO, UMTS, WiMax
*Satellite Terminals
*POTS Analog Telephone Lines
*Public Internet - Uses Revolutionary BRIC Technology, designed to overcome the innate unreliability of the public Internet
ACCESS is also a full-featured POTS codec :

*Use ACCESS to make a POTS-to-POTS connection. Dial up a Comrex POTS codec (including Matrix, Vector or BlueBox).
*You can deliver 15 kHz Stereo on a single POTS line when connecting to another ACCESS.

BRIC technology can also deliver wideband audio over 3G cellular data networks like EVDO and UMTS, as well as the increasing number of publicly available Wi-Fi hotspots. ACCESS Portable Classic has a built-in CardBus slot for easy connection to data cards supporting these services. For a list of tested 3G wireless cards, click here.

ACCESS Compatible 3G Devices

ACCESS Portable Classic Features
Uses BRIC technology to deliver broadcast audio over the public Internet
User interface via integrated LCD/touch screen for display menus and metering
Web browser included for connection to Wi-Fi access points that require log-in
Built-in Ethernet port
Built-in rechargeable battery supplies 7 hours of talk-time (5 hours with mixer)
Connection to a wide range of data networks via integral Cardbus slot including : Modem Connections - 3G Cellular Links -Wi-Fi or Wi-Max Access cards
ACCESS Portable Classic includes a CardBus-style 802.11b,g,n Wi-Fi Card and 56k POTS modem card
Ethernet port acts as Internet sharing device, allowing use of laptops on circuits utilizing Cardbus cards
Backward compatibility to Comrex POTS codecs
Optional MPEG 4/AAC algorithms available for extremely high quality audio. For details, visit the AAC page
Optional Mixer provides up to 6 Mono inputs/headphone outputs as wells as stereo inputs when connected to ACCESS Portable Classic
Optional custom cases are available to protect your ACCESS Portable Classic from the rigors of the road

No IT Guy Needed
OK, that may be overstating the case a little bit, but there has never been an IP codec as easy to use as ACCESS. ACCESS Portable Classic is designed for fast and easy connections, no matter what kind of IP circuit you have available. The integrated PDA-style screen will guide even your most "non-technical" user through the simple steps required to connect. And even if that proves too challenging, ACCESS Portable Classic can be preconfigured to auto connect on "power up" thereby minimizing setup time in the field.

ACCESS—The Smart Codec
Using BRIC technology means you won’t have to mess with ACCESS advanced settings. The sophisticated engine of ACCESS is clever enough to assess circuit conditions and adapt on the fly without user intervention. ACCESS is constantly working to compensate for deficits in the quality of service, so no one has to hear how bad the public Internet can be.

For the technically advanced, the menus are there. So, if you are a power user, you can configure ACCESS to be whatever you need. You can increase the delay cushion or twiddle the "frames per packet" to your heart’s content. But isn’t it great to know that you probably will never need to ?

ACCESS—The powerfull Codec
Whatever the audio transmission job, whatever the circuit, ACCESS has a mode for you. From linear mono or stereo audio to an ultra-low bit rate algorithm, there is a wide range of audio choices to fit virtually any programming need.

Audio Connections and Other Features
Mic/Line switchable mono input on balanced XLR with adjustable volume control
Mic input offers switchable 12v phantom power
Stereo headphone output on 1/8" (3mm) mini jack with adjustable volume control
Stereo analog line level inputs/outputs on unbalanced 1/8" (3mm) mini jacks
"Hands free" cellular connection on 1/8" (3mm) mini jack
Type II CardBus slot for use with modem and wireless cards
Audio level meters available via integrated LCD interface
RJ45 Ethernet connector
DIN connector for serial ancillary data
DIN connector for Contact closures (4)
Multi-pin connector for optional mixer

  • AAC
    MPEG-4 AAC algorithms, licensed by Fraunhofer IIS offer the best audio quality for your remote broadcasts.

    BRIC Traversal Server is the answer to your network issues. It uses our TS servers to negotiate codec connections and traverse NATs and firewalls.

  • Option Icon 322
    The Option Icon 322 is a global 3G USB adapter with tri-band UMTS/HSDPA compatibility.

  • ARC
    Connect to your ACCESS or BRIC-Link from your Android phone for quick broadcasts. Provides high-quality, wideband audio.

  • Device Manager
    Easy-to-use Windows application for updating, configuring and installing licenses on your ACCESS and BRIC-Link codecs.

  • Remote Control
    Establish connections and control multiple ACCESS and BRIC-Link codecs at the same time from your Windows desktop.

ACCESS Rack Specifications

PNG - 4.2 Mo

Omnia One face arrière

Audio Connections
Balanced stereo XLR line-level audio inputs - 0dBu
Balanced XLR line-level audio outputs - 0dBu
AES3 XLR Digital audio input
AES3 XLR Digital audio output

Audio Levels
Audio input level : 0 dBu
Audio output level : 0 dBu

Other Connections
Telephone line : RJ-11 6-pin modular jack
Ethernet Port : 10/100 baseT
Contact Closures : DB-9 male
Serial Port : DB-9 female
VGA Monitor port : DB-15 female
Keyboard Connector : PS/2
Mouse Connector : PS/2
Power : 3 conductor IEC
2x USB

Power and Physical
Internal Supply : 120/240 VAC 60/50 Hz 50 Watts
Size : 1U Rack - 19" W x 9" D x 1.75" H (48.25 cm x 22.86 cm x 4.5 cm)
Weight : 9 lbs (4 kg)

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